December 12, 2012

Environmental Art: An invitation to explore and imagine

Environmental Art:

Art dealing with ecological issues;
the natural world;
and/or the relationships between humans and their environment.

I have yet to find a definition that better satisfies the vision in my head of the plethora of fantastic art and motivated individuals working in the field. The definition above is my own working definition that serves as my guide and theme for this blog.

Usually when I mention environmental art to someone the response I get is, “what’s that?” If I am talking with someone who has had a little art history, they usually think of Robert Smithson or Christo and Jeanne-Claude. With no doubt, these artists are environmental artists, but I challenge my readers and art appreciators everywhere to broaden their ideas about art and the environment and how they come together in the burgeoning field of environmental art. Consider the possibilities that art can have to educate and raise awareness of environmental issues, find creative solutions to the environment’s and society’s most pressing challenges, and to create more sustainable and empathetic communities.

This blog is also a forum for topics related to environmental art including environmental policy, technological innovations, environmental news, art, architecture, creative solutions to today's problems, and anything else that is noteworthy. Comments, articles, suggestions, and critiques are always welcome.

Thank you for reading.