December 2, 2016

Protect the Sacred

Protect the Sacred

Stand up for your beliefs,
Stand for the downtrodden, the forgotten
Stand for those without a voice, those we cannot hear
Stand for the animals and plants, for the soil and water, rocks and air
Stand strong and purposeful
Root your feet and do not give way, with the elegance and courage of the bison

Soar in the skies with your dreams
Fly above the small-minded
Fly above fear and violence, with your hopes and dreams to guide you
Alight where you can see across the wide wonderful Earth
Where you can see the love that flows through it all
Soar so high that justice and your mind are clear, where your heart is pure
Where you are one with the great spirit
Fly through the air with the power and keen eye of the eagle

Flow like water through life
Never to be defeated
Possibly held up, but never destroyed
Flow with your goal in mind and never forget
Nourish life with your very essence
Course over that which is filthy and cleanse it with your clarity
Strengthen the weak like ripples, and break down hate like a tidal wave
Be as water is, both creator and destroyer
Give birth to life, and help those that have passed to begin again

Bloom as a flower does
Let your petals unfurl towards the sun
Grow as tall as you can
Open yourself to the world with brilliance and clarity of purpose
Bring bright beauty, grace, and joy wherever you go
Be as the flowers are, and remember that life is ephemeral
One day, let yourself fall away, sweet and peacefully

Knowing that you are leaving this place richer than how you found it for your being

Protect the sacred in all that you do 
In all that you are
For you are it as well
And it, you