March 15, 2016

My Baby

What if I never had a baby.

If I never had a baby, I would never be pregnant
Never feel that joining of me and another.
Never feel that kick from the inside.
I might never fall that deeply in love at first sight, or even before.

If I never had a baby, she would never have her first steps.
She would never make a twisted face when she first tastes a lemon.
She would never howl in the darkness of midnight
or fall bare-bottomed in the summer grass.

If I never had a baby, she would never buy a computer.
She wouldn’t work at her first job and save up to buy her first car.
My baby would never fly in a plane and travel to other countries.
She would never cut down a tree to build her home or buy oil to heat it.
She would never leave the lights on or step on an ant.

If I never had a baby, she would never be an annual birth statistic
or add to our population.
She would never consume resources or have a footprint.
She would never have to struggle and suffer in a future of climate change.
My baby would never endanger the wilderness and take the lives of others.

If I never have a baby, I would be a little sad, but try to be a little more proud.

If I never had a baby, it would benefit all living things,

even if I know she would be beautiful.